KDD procedures – 4ft-IL


4ft-IL module


Petr Máša


Petr Máša (theory), Petr Máša (software), Petr Máša (help)


4ft-Importance of Literals (4ft-IL) module helps to interpret hypothesis with founded implication generated by 4ftTask. With 4ft-IL module you can get more (and better) information to interpret hypothesis in 4ftResult Module. It brings “analysis of importance” for every single literal (from both antecedent and succedent) in your founded implication hypothesis. Then you can see if the literal is or is not important.

Files to download:
LM.4ft.IL.zip 116.48 kB May 17, 2011

The 4ft-module was developed in connection to diploma thesises [PM VSE ] and [PM MFF].

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