KDD procedures – 4ft-UF


4ft-UF module


Petr Máša


Petr Máša (theory), Petr Máša (software), Petr Máša (help)


4ft-UF Filter means (fourfold table) Utility Function Filter (Filter based on Utility functions). This module acts as filter for hypothesis generated by 4ftTask. Use of 4ft-UF module is optional (you don't need it to get results in 4ft-Miner), but with this module you can do more. 4ft-UF module allows you: to sort hypotheses by relevance, to set up criteria for output hypothesis which respects induvidual preferences and to use fuzzy-based filter for output hypothesis.

Files to download:
LM.4ft.UF.zip 162.16 kB May 17, 2011

The 4ft-module was developed in connection to diploma thesises [PM VSE] and [PM MFF].

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