KDD procedures – Miscellaneous



Files to download:
Barbora.zip 212.84 kB September 25, 2012
Barbora.mdb is data set for testing and gaining first experiences with LISp-Miner. It contains table with data about loans in (not real) bank Barbora. LM_Barbora.mdb is metabase with some examples.
LMEmptyUS.zip 129.05 kB August 13, 2017
Empty LM metabase for the US and other locations where regional settings prefer date format MM-DD-YYYY (month BEFORE day).
ws.export.zip 60.37 kB April 12, 2011
Sewebar WebService Export. Import and export of the PMML documents into and out of the LM Metabase. Used primary for data interchange with the SEWEBAR project but allows for export of other formats as well.

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