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The LISp-Miner system is a free and open academic system for support of KDD research and teaching. The development of the system is supervised by Jan Rauch (rauch {at} vse {dot} cz) – scientific features and Milan Šimůnek (simunek {at} vse {dot} cz) – implementation features.

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Development of the LISp-Miner system started in 1996 when the first version of the procedure 4ft-Miner was implemented. The project was done by Jan Rauch and the procedure was implemented by Milan Šimůnek. A new conception of the 4ft-Miner was created by J. Rauch and M. Šimůnek in 1999 and subsystem Elementary was implemented by M. Šimůnek. For more details see history of 4ft-Miner.

Petr Berka prepared the project of the machine learning procedure KEX and this project was implemented by M. Šimůnek. Tools for dealing with strings of bits developed for 4ft-Miner were used in implementation of KEX.

The set of software tools and rules for further development of LISp-Miner system was prepared by M. Šimůnek [Si 03]. These tools were used in implementation of new data mining procedures KL-Miner, CF-Miner, SDKL-Miner, SD4ft-Miner and SDCF-Miner invented by J. Rauch. Also several additional modules to 4ft-Miner and KL-Miner were implemented.

Lot of people took part in the LISp-Miner development together with J. Rauch and M. Šimůnek. We give here a list of them in alphabetical order together with their main areas of activities.

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