The official site of the LISp-Miner project

LISp-Miner is an academic project for support research and teaching of knowledge discovery in databases. It is suitable namely for students, pilot and mid-size KDD projects.

The LISp-Miner system can be freely downloaded.

There is also a comprehensive overview of the system in form of wiki-like pages and an online help available (both in Czech language).

The core of the system are several KDD procedures capable to give answers to various both standard and non-standard analytical questions. There are also modules to solve some additional tasks.

There are various research activities and applications both in data analysis and in teaching related to the LISp-Miner project.

LISp-Miner Control Language (LMCL) makes scripting available to automate part or the whole of the KDD process.

There is also a free glossary of terms related to the LISp-Miner system.

The LISp-Miner project is managed by teachers and students of University of Economics, Prague. Other researchers take part in the project realization too. For more information see people.

There are several tens of publications related to the LISp-Miner project.

The project is supported by several grants, see acknowledgement.

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