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EverMiner project

There are three implemented analytical procedures (4ft-Miner, KL-Miner and CF-Miner), two procedures for input data transformations (DataSource and TimeTransf), one forthcoming procedure SDS-Miner and two analytical procedures in various stages of development.

There are lot of quantifiers (4ft-quantifiers, KL-quantifiers, CF-quantifiers), very fine possibilities to tune sets of relevant questions and various possibilities of filtering and sorting of relevant assertions. The implemented procedures are still under development.

It is hard to efficiently use all possibilities of the implemented procedures even for specialists. There is also a need for examples for beginners, simple hints even for advanced users and for typical tasks and scenarios.

It is necessary to distinguish between an analytical task that interests the data owner and a run of the particular analytical procedures. Solution of the analytical task requires a whole chain of runs of both analytical and transformation procedures.

Typical runs of analytical and transformation procedures form a large and complex system. The owner of data is interested in various analytical tasks that form an other large and complex system. The both systems are closely related.

The goals of the EverMiner project are

see also [RS 04].

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