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Selection of the attributes

This section continues in explanation of the creating new task part described in previous section. Here will be shown how to:

Entering cedents

By cedent are meant antecedent, succedent and condition. These types are entered the same way, so they will be described together as cedents. Each cedent consists of one or more partial cedents. But in KLTask is reasonable just one partial cedent in antecedent and succedent. In condition is possible and reasonable to create another partial cedents. There is already created one partial cedent called antecedent or succedent or condition. This partial cedent has as a parametr minimal and maximal length. This length determine the minimum and maximum number of attributes (for each partial cedent) that will be in final hypotheses. In KLTask can not be minimal and maximal length set different then 1 for both minimum and maximum length. It's because the KLTask makes contingency table for each attribute separately.

Figure 1: Quantifiers

Figure 1: Quantifiers

Selecting attributes

Now it is possible to fill up cedents with attributes. Here user cannot set any parameters for attributes. User can just select attributes from the list.

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