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How to create task

This section will show, how to use and create:

Figure 1: Task creation

Figure 1: Task creation

Groups of tasks

When the 4ftTask is run with new metabase for the first time, the Default Group is already created in the metabase. So it is not necessary to create another group, but sometimes it is suitable. Basic idea of the Groups of tasks is that the user can divide many tasks into several groups with fewer tasks. But tasks cannot be transfered from one group to another, so they are fixed on that group in which they were created.

Through the choice List of group tasks can be created the Group of tasks as can be seen from fig.1. This choice enables managing groups of tasks from creating new group, deleting group and renaming group.

Changing the active group can be easily done by clicking on the roller menu and selecting the appropriate group.

New tasks

Task is the main feature of the 4ftTask and will be fully described in next sections. In these sections will be given the way of selecting the attributes, quantifiers and parameters.

After selection of the group of tasks, it is possible to create task by selecting the right choice from menu as can be seen from fig.1. Then it is important to select appropriate table from database. For the task can be used just the attributes from the selected table.

Cloned tasks

As written in previous paragraphs, task consists of attributes, quantifiers and parameters. Sometimes it is useful to create two tasks with nearly the same parameters. These two tasks will differ just slightly. It is very hard to create new task and define all the attributes, quantifiers and parameters again, but it is very convenient to clone the first task and then adjust the cloned task.

Cloning the task can be done through the appropriate choice as can be seen from fig.1.

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