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In params menu (fig.1) can be set some other parameters as parameter B that is common for all quantifiers (as written in previous section) and handling of missing values.

Figure 1: Parameters

Figure 1: Parameters

Parameter B

Parameter B can be set in two ways. As an absolute number or as a percentage. The result is that if set as an absolute number then the final hypotheses will have number of objects satisfying both antecedent and succedent greater or equal to number B.

If the parameter B is set as a percentage then only hypotheses with number of objects (satisfying both antecedent and succedent) greater or equal then B percent of all objects in data matrix will be displayed.

Handling of missing values

This selection gives user the possibility to decide what to do with missing values in the matrix. It is recommended to use the default selection deleting. Other possibilities are optimistical and secured.

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