LISp-Miner Control Language Reference, version: 27.18.15 of 2 Mar 2022

LISp-Miner Control Language Demo Examples

There are several LMCL demo-scripts prepared and located in the <LM root>\Exec\Demo subdirectory.

Hello, world!

An obligatory Hello, world! script is the first one you should execute to test the LMExec module functionality. Its name is LMExec.Demo.01.Hello.lua and it just opens an dialog box with its message, which is also logged into Execution log.

Data import

The second script you should to run is the one that imports demo data from the text file HotelBooking.txt, creates an database and associates it with a newly created metabase.

Go on and try to execute the LMExec.Demo.02.Database.ImportTXT.lua.

If succesfully finished, you can find all the files in the Exec\Data subdirectory. Associated ODBC Data Source Names are LM Exec Demo HotelBooking MB for metabase and LM Exec Demo HotelBooking for data database.

From now you can try-out all the other scripts in the <LM root> \Exec\Demo subdirectory or a more complex example called EverMinerSimple.