Demonstration – STULONG


Questionnaire A2

Attributes relating to the questionnaire A2 are lucidly given in the Table 1. Details about individual attributes are given in the Tables 2–5.

Table 1: Attributes relating to the questionnaire A2
Identifier – column in the data matrix EntryMeaning
BOLHRchest pain
BOLDKlower limbs pain
Table 2: Frequency of the BOLHR attribute values
BOLHR – chest pain Number of patients
1not present1 019
3positive questionnaire for angina pectoris52
4other pains19
5possible myocardial infarction3
6not stated13

Diagrams: bar, pie.

Table 3: Frequency of combinations of the attribute BOLDK values
BOLDK – DK painNumber of patients
1not present1 282
4not stated5

Diagrams: bar, pie.

Table 4: Frequency of the attribute DUSNOST values
DUSNOSTNumber of patients
1not present1 210
2grade I.182
3grade II.9
4grade III.1
6not stated15

Diagrams: bar, pie.

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