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Attributes relating to smoking are lucidly stated in the Table 1. Details about particular attributes are in the Tables 2–4.

Table 1: Attributes relating to smoking
Identifier – column in the data matrix EntryMeaning
KOURENIintensity of smoking
DOBAKOURhow low he has been smoking
BYVKURAKhow long an ex-smoker has not been smoking
Table 2: Frequency of the KOURENI attribute values
SMOKINGNumber of patients
2smoker of cigarettes: 1–4 cig./day45
3smoker of cigarettes: 5–14 cig./day206
4smoker of cigarettes: 15–20 cig./day391
5smoker of cigarettes: 21 and more cig./day346
6smoker of cigars or pipes29
13not stated17

Diagrams: bar, pie.

Table 3: Frequency of the DOBAKOUR attribute values
DOBAKOUR – duration of smoking Number of patients
7up to 5 years28
86–10 years49
911–20 years310
1021 and more years647
 empty entry in the data matrix383

Diagrams: bar, pie.

Table 4: Frequency of the BYVKURAK attribute values
BYVKURAK – ex-smoker Number of patients
11He has not been smoking for less than 1 year35
12He has not been smoking for more than 1 year196
  Empty entry in the data matrix = current smoker or non-smoker1 186

Diagrams: bar, pie.

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